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PSCU Financial Services, the nation’s largest provider of traditional and online financial services to credit unions, serves about 600 institutions. Providing data, information and analytics is a key component of PSCU’s product lines. To help meet clients’ data-management needs, PSCU purchased several business intelligence (BI) solutions. However with no centralized BI platform or “data warehouse” architecture in place, PSCU needed a BI partner to consolidate and improve information access, usage and distribution. This was where CCG came in.


Many of PSCU’s 600 credit union clients provide their cardholder and transactional data – records of credit and debit card purchases – for bulk loading and aggregation. However with no reporting practices in place, PSCU was unable to get an accurate profile of its clients or the types of services being utilized by end-user customers. PSCU contracted CCG to develop a data warehouse, ETL process, and reporting platform to manage the over a billion transactions its credit unions process each month. This analytic solution would allow PSCU to transform reliable data into actionable insights for its credit unions as well as eliminate erroneous data and implement process controls for ensuring operational integrity.


Using PSCU’s SAP BusinessObjects platform, CCG developers created an ETL process to load transactional and cardholder data from two different platforms into a unified data warehouse. BusinessObjects universes organize the data into a relational model, which is used for reports, templates, dashboards, and adhoc querying. The data warehouse was tested using transaction history and fraud data.

Simultaneously, PSCU rolled out its new Member Insight platform, on time and under budget, in early 2015, allowing credit union end users to view their data in real time, search for trends, and perform deep analysis to better serve their members. This advanced analytics suite of solutions includes a portal with easy to read dashboards and customizable queries to find the information needed to smartly drive a credit union’s growth strategies. Member insights empowers credit unions with actionable insights that drive cardholder engagement, satisfaction and retention. Credit Union (CU) response has been overwhelmingly positive, helping to cement PSCU’s position as the premiere provider of CU services and a technological leader in the financial industry.

As a result of this engagement, PSCU can now leverage insights from the data warehouse to better identify and remediate fraud activity for members - providing cost and risk liability savings that can be passed back to the consumer through investment of innovative solutions. In addition, PSCU can identify spending trends that enable predictive modeling of consumer spending patterns. These can be packaged and offered to existing and new clients for strategic insight and growth.

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  • Industry -Financial Services
  • Solution -  Customer Intelligence
  • Technology - SAP
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600 - Cardholder and transactional data from 600 credit union clients.

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