Managed Cloud Services Save Political Organization 45% in 2 Months

Many organizations rely on more than one source for data, and for one Political Organization, those data sources needed to be stored and analyzed against for decades. Reining in historical election results, voter registration, voter scoring projects, census data, list collection, and voter contact results, this political non-profit realized that their massive data ecosystem needed to be more efficiently managed.

This Political Organization previously managed its vast data inventory of nearly 100 terabytes with a cloud services provider with which they had little interaction. With no IT support staff, this political non-profit relied on its provider to perform upgrades, health checks, and to stay on top of virtual machines, but much if this work was not being completed. “We felt that we would be better off with a company who we could trust to more proactively manage our cloud environment,” says The Director of Internal Data Support.

The Political Organization invited CCG’s Cloud Management team to perform a deep-dive assessment of its cloud environment. CCG discovered many improvements that could be made to performance and security, as well as savings of over $30,000 a month in Azure consumption. “It wasn’t until we switched that we realized how bad off we actually were with our previous provider,” says The Director of Internal Data Support “Software patches had not been performed for months if not years. Each time the previous provider upgraded a machine, they gave us the ‘Cadillac plan,’ where we were paying for an extra two terabytes of space that we didn’t need,” he continues.

Cost Savings and Improved Security and Performance

After CCG took over the organization’s managed cloud services, the organization was able to decrease spend by over 45% within the first two months, saving the company $35,000 a month ($420,000/year) instead of the $30,000 it promised to save. “CCG makes good recommendations for us,” says The Director of Internal Data Support “We are never oversold or upsold on machines, and they have begun to introduce shared machines into our environment, which will help us incur further savings,” he continues. CCG is helping to cut down on the number of machines utilized by the Political Organization by over 88%, while improving performance by 30%. They have plans on reinvesting these savings and expand its footprint into additional Azure projects.

CCG’s client portal simplifies monthly billing for Political Organization, and the team can now perform monthly analysis on the virtual machines. “We can see each month machines that have increased usage by 20%, for instance, and determine why, or if a machine hasn’t been used at all because of a staffing change that we were not aware of,” says The Director of Internal Data Support, “Every organization is bureaucratic – things slip through the cracks – but now we can recognize it right away which equals cost savings,” he continues.

In the past, The Political Organization unknowingly had some publicly accessible data in the cloud, which CCG placed behind multi-factor identification password protection. Users are now covered with safer password protection—the company doesn’t have to be worried about users being seduced into having their password stolen. User access levels are now restricted to the lowest possible level per user. “Although we never had a data breach in the past, I now feel more comfortable sleeping at night with the additional security,” says The Director of Internal Data Support. Additionally, software patches are now being performed, and 100% of the data is backed up, where before only 55% of the data was being backed up.

A Trusted Partner

"I know that we are not CCG's only client, but it feels like we are because the responsiveness is amazing," says The Director of Internal Data Support. “I can’t speak highly enough of CCG’s cloud services team and the work that they have completed for us. CCG responds quickly, makes time for us, and it feels like they are solely devoted to helping us,” he continues. “Sometimes it takes more time on my end because we are now being proactive, so there are more calls, more emails, and more meetings, but it’s worth my time, and it’s all positive because we are saving money and securing our environment.”

 “I’m also appreciative in terms of the advice CCG gives us outside the scope of the cloud services work,” he continues. “Recently I asked their opinion about hardware, and they gave us good advice and even found a cost-saving alternative, which is going above and beyond cloud services and is extremely helpful. They are a true partner to us.”


  • Projected monthly savings of $35,000/month; $420,000/year
  • Daily, proactive oversight of 100 terabytes of data
  • Improved security by eliminating publicly accessible data in the cloud and adding multi-factor identification password protection
  • Simplified monthly billing and monthly analysis of usage by machine
  • Reducing number of machines by over 88% with upgrades and consolidation on shared machines
  • Decreased monthly Azure spend by over 45% in two months
  • Improved overall performance by 30%
  • 100% of critical data is now backed up when before only 55% of it was being backed up
This organization'schallenges are not uncommon. Learn how you could benefit from a Managed Cloud Servicessolution by reading our blog: How to Chose a Cloud Solution Provider. Want to learn how you can implement Managed Cloud Services in your company? Contact Data and Analytics Expert here.

Quick Facts

  • Industry - Political Non-Profit
  • Solution - Managed Cloud Services
  • Technology - Microsoft Azure 
  • Headquarters - Washington DC

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