Retail Investment Firm Doubles Customer Insights, Boosts Sales and Loyalty Across Brands

Optimized customer insight increases revenue and customer retention

An investment firm focused on retail, hospitality, and food and beverage wanted to better identify customers and increase intelligent customer engagement at its hotel, spa, retail spaces and restaurants. To do so, the management team needed to integrate disparate customer data from its multiple lines of business. “Our challenge was that we did not have a consolidated view of operations across lines of business, or an understanding in near real-time of financial metrics such as liquidity events, debt to equity ratios, and more,” says the Senior Finance Director. “In fact, we were managing this information from a P&L statement—not ideal—and we were held hostage by accounting close periods, which meant we were often working with data that was a month old,” continues the Finance Director. 


The Vegas Model

The goal? To identify customers in what the company dubbed a “Vegas model,” where its database of 5,000 hotel customers could be cross referenced with spa, restaurant, and retail customers. This would create a “golden customer record,” representing activity across all brands to identify opportunities for synergistic selling across other verticals. Marketing could then craft incentives for consumers tailored to their behavior.


“I worked with CCG at my previous employer, so they were my first call,” says the Senior Finance Director. “CCG came out miles ahead of the competition. We as an organization did not have a depth of understanding of BI and technical requirements. We knew that we wanted visibility and needed data, but we didn’t have experience on how to execute it, and that’s where CCG excelled—in helping guide us, for example, in finding Profisee to partner for the Master Data Management part of the project. The way in which CCG helped and guided us was critical—we wouldn’t have been able to execute the project as quickly or as cleanly with another partner,” continues the Senior Finance Director.

Solution Highlights

CCG constructed an enterprise data warehouse with data from the retail, spa, hotel, and payroll management systems, in an Azure cloud environment. Profisee’s Master Data Management solution was integrated to manage customer demographic data and resolve customer data integration and address standardization across the customer data sources. This enables the company to merge customer records into a single “golden record.” The new system verifies locations with a Google API which corrects the address for each record. It also incorporates longitude, latitude and geospatial analysis. It is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for back office information and captures historical data from systems that the company is sunsetting.

“Our implementation came in on time and under budget—a big win for us,” says the Senior Finance Director. The key? Constant communication. “The CCG team kept up communication all along the way to gather feedback on our vision to help guide us. There was never a moment when I didn’t think CCG had a clear vision of the way forward. CCG added value beyond the technical execution and customer record management solution, specifically in project management guidance. CCG suggested I use Office 365 applications such as Planner to highlight all the enterprise projects and TEAMS for project collaboration. Leveraging these tools to institute a Lean PMO process proved very successful for our organization to adopt and gain control of our project. These ancillary tangential efforts are important and often overlooked by partners who have a narrow focus on just one specific result or conclusion. CCG team members are well rounded, and they bring value to the table that is relevant to the overall engagement—which ensures success,” continues the Senior Finance Director.

The Results

The Master Data Management solution helps the company analyze total customer spend across business units, enabling customer behavior analysis and segmentation. The analysis supports finance, marketing, sales, and strategic planning. The company is utilizing its new data for ad hoc analysis, and to assist with clientele efforts on the retail side—to identify and segment customers into an elite tier, middle tier, and 1-2 visit customers. The Marketing team can then create targeted marketing campaigns directed at each tier to ensure loyalty and to boost sales. “We are now broadening customer segmentation from the retail arm to encompass the hotel, spa, food and beverage, banquets and catering,” says the Senior Finance Director. “Are you hosting a benefit party for an organization that you support, why not host it here? We can cater it as well. At the spa for a massage? Let us tell you about our upcoming retail trunk show. These are just a couple of the cross-marketing concepts being developed,” continues the Senior Finance Director.


  • Intelligent customer information doubled in size
  • Visibility into customer “golden record” in real time allows for synergistic selling
  • Seasonal sales predictive analysis allow for money savings and better buying decisions
  • Successful customer segmentation and ability to craft tailored incentives
  • Improved visibility into operational KPIs and financial metrics
  • Increased sales growth and top line revenue goals

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“CCG team members are well rounded, and they bring value to the table that is relevant to the overall engagement—which ensures success.

- Senior Finance Director

Quick Facts

  • Industry - Retail and Hospitality
  • Solution - Customer Insight through
    Master Data Management
  • Technology - Microsoft Azure 

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