vineyard vines Sees 150% ROI on Customer Intelligence Solution


Brothers Shep and Ian Murray had no idea when they started selling ties out of an old Jeep on Martha’s Vineyard that they would be starting a global lifestyle clothing brand. Over the course of 20 years, what became vineyard vines has grown to encompass over 100 stores, retail outlets, marketplaces and a world-class e-commerce site. As the retailer grew from visitors to their first small store to millions of customers worldwide, it became increasingly challenging to connect with their expansive customer base in the same sincere, personal ways that molded their business from their early days.


vineyard vines’ has always been forward-thinking and innovative, realizing the importance of customer experience long before it became fashionable. They have built their business around putting the customer first, but they needed their technological capabilities to align with and support that mission.

The marketing team at vineyard vines realized they would benefit from an advanced analytics tool to help them better visualize and understand their customer base and optimize their omnichannel strategy. They also wanted to ensure that their customer data was easy for all departments in the organization to access, interpret and act on.
Gaining insight into their customers’ behaviors would empower them to make better, data-driven business decisions.


vineyard vines enlisted CCG to implement CI for Retail, a powerful customer intelligence solution developed for mid-market retailers who want to elevate customer experience and dominate the retail omnichannel. Built on Microsoft cloud technologies, CI for Retail leverages AI functionality to provide predictive analytics that fuels more informed decision making. CI for Retail brought vineyard vines’ data into one centralized hub and allowed their marketing team to easily find their own answers and insights via an intuitive self-service dashboard.
Chris Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Business Analytics & Strategy at vineyard vines, said, “Once some of the dashboards were in place, we gained immediate visibility as to where we were being successful and where we needed to improve.”

CCG’s solution helped the vineyard vines team better understand the differences between their purchaser and end user. For example, through transactional and demographic append data, the team was able to identify a large audience of women purchasing Men’s and/or Children’s products but not purchasing for themselves. In an effort to increase this audience’s customer lifetime value through cross-department shopping, the team deployed a Women’s Editorial mailer targeting this segment with an offer valid exclusively on women’s products. This mailer drove approximately 46% more per mailed piece than the 2018 average.

The success of this campaign led vineyard vines to deploy an additional send in H2 of 2018 and test similar strategies for other customer segments. This ability to unlock a more granular understanding of vineyard vines’ customers and support more personalized campaign development represented a ROI of +150% in the first year of the tool being operationalized.

Fitzpatrick said, “This is illustrative of the low hanging fruit that can be discovered by opening up visibility into the consumers’ behavior. It doesn’t take much to redeem the value of the investment.”

“CI for Retail has already more than paid for itself.”

While the success of this campaign shows the impact of a robust customer intelligence solution, it is just one example of many. The analytics platform has enabled vineyard vines to
drive customer acquisition over the holiday season, identify the cause of flagging outlet sales and turn them around and realize the value of opening brick and mortar stores on their overall business.

Overall, CI for Retail has allowed Vineyard Vines to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, empowering employees to use real customer data to make more informed decisions. “Now, our team is able to explore our business through a customer-focused lens. They are asking more in-depth questions, which lead to a better understanding of our business and ultimately better business decisions.”
-- Chris Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Business Analytics & Strategy

vineyard vines's challenges are not uncommon. Learn how you could benefit from a CI for Retail solution by reading our blog: How to Achieve Buy-In for a Customer Intelligence Platform. Want to learn how you can implement Customer Intelligence in your company? Contact Data and Analytics Expert here.

Quick Facts

  • Industry - Retail
  • Solution -CI for Retail
  • Technology - Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI


Marketing team saw approximately 46% more per mailed piece than the 2018 average with insights from CI for Retail solution.

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