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Founded in 1957, HoneyBaked Ham (HBH) is a nationwide retailer of meats, sides, and desserts.  Since opening, HBH has grown into a premium brand featuring bone-in and boneless hams as well as offering restaurant franchises for sale.  With a focus on customer service, HBH records large amounts of transactional data through various revenue channels including over-the-counter retail, lunch, catering and gifting for analysis to optimize consumer experience.


After substantial investments in IT, HBH possessed a large array of transaction data, but lacked a unified reporting platform to make sense of it. Without a centralized data warehouse, HBH was unable to effectively report on sales and expenses, or perform more sophisticated trend analysis of customer spending habits. Actionable business intelligence insights, which could be directly translated into greater revenue and improved margin, were not available without a systematic ETL and reporting process.  Multiple versions of the truth led to uncertainty and inaccuracy of forecasts and actuals reports.


CCG presented a three part solution for HBH: First, a team of consultants was brought in to perform a comprehensive Assessment, Vision and Roadmap (AVR) to develop a strategic BI plan for HBH. CCG analyzed and detailed the current state of HBH’s data services and warehouses. CCG then performed executive workshops to interview key stakeholders and identify needs of the business users to formulate a unified future vision. The AVR resulted in an achievable roadmap of phased initiatives laid out for HBH to successfully fulfill that vision.

Second, CCG worked with HBH to select the appropriate Business Intelligence toolset, based on their specific requirements (including ad-hoc analysis, dashboarding and scorecarding, predictive analytics, and mobile integration).  MicroStrategy was determined as the best business intelligence platform for HBH, along with SQL Server on the database side.

Third and finally, CCG created a fully-functional proof-of-concept for HBH in MicroStrategy. This actionable POC immediately supported HBH’s investment decision and allowed them to quickly begin reaping the benefits of a realized business intelligence solution.

This solution set in place data quality processes such as address cleansing, integration of 3rd party demographic information and creation of a unified view of the customer from their various entry points, including web site registration, catalog orders, and points of sale (POS). It enabled customer segmentation by volume, regency, and frequency of purchase. This segmentation allowed for HBH’s marketing department to define consumer lists for targeted campaigns and promotions. CCG also created store and market performance dashboards that empowered end users with real-time information, allowing Managers to identify trends and outliers at the store level.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry - Retail
  • Solution - Strategic Roadmap
  • Technology - MicroStrategy
  • Website-

3 Tier

3 Tier - 3 part solution implemented with Strategic Roadmap, tool assessment, and proof of concept.

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