Clothing Retailer Grows Analytics Adoption through Hands-on Data Literacy Training


Retail has gone digital, leaving many traditional brick and mortar giants in the wake of disruption. CCG was recently engaged by a North American based retailer who understood the need to become a data-driven organization, but wasn’t quite sure how. They engaged CCG for guidance on a BI tool, but uncovered so much more along the way.


This fast-growing clothing retailer knew that business intelligence (BI) was a necessity to stay competitive in today’s market but they did not have a vision for how BI would support their modernization goals and serve lines of business. At the time, much of their data was outsourced to external vendors and siloed in various desperate departmental reporting systems. These systems had some basic reporting functionality but it did not allow the retailer to ask questions of their data outside of very specific, out-of-box reports. These systems were also nearly impossible to integrate, so there was little ability to analyze data across departments and different answers coming from each part of the business.

Instead of simply adding another tool on top of the stack of existing systems, CCG encouraged the retailer to take a step back and explore why and how they would use BI. CCG delivered a RapidDash solution that would: 

  • Assess the organizations readiness for BI
  • Validate the need for self-service and prioritize use cases
  • Excite the business by addressing key challenges


The first step was to perform a series of executive workshops and interviews, which produced a list of high priority analytic use cases. From these workshops, CCG identified customer lifetime value as an opportunity to satisfy numerous reporting needs and support multiple lines of business through the development of a self-service dashboard prototype, also known as a RapidDash.

CCG started to develop the RapidDash by defining customer lifetime value and fleshing out the objects that would tell a customer story in dashboard form. CCG used Azure SQL Database and Azure Blob Storage to prepare and store the customer data for this project. Once the data was ready and the metrics identified, CCG wireframed the dashboard and began building in Power BI. By the end of the 4th week, CCG had developed a fully dynamic dashboard that the retailer could get their hands on and manipulate. Once this model was approved, CCG loaded a year’s worth of data so that the users could start performing their own customer analytics. The dashboard prototype was delivered through an immersive, hands-on training, where everyone was given a login to PowerBI and trained on accessing the semantic layer to develop their own reports and dashboards in this modern self-service tool.  

The final RapidDash was delivered in just six weeks, was easy to use and could be tailored to any department or individual’s needs. Marketing could now export customer lists based on segmentations. Merchandising could see what and how people are buying their clothing. Real Estate could identify geographies with high concentrations of key customers. And most importantly, everyone in the organization could understand their customers through a consolidated, consumable view.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry - Retail
  • Solution - RapidDash


Company saw a 2x growth in analytics adoption with accessibility to data through Power BI.

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