Top MedSpa Brand Optimizes 5 Key Business Areas with Strategic Analytics Roadmap


Medical Spas have flourished across North America, with most establishments pairing their health and wellness offerings with retail products. With a surge in offerings including skin, face, and body treatments, hair removal, injectables/fillers, and more, one Med Spa partnered with CCG to modernize their reporting platform and get a better understanding of their data.


Amid many changes in the company, this Med Spa hired a former CEO of a Fortune 500 financial firm to take the helm. The new CEO wanted to quickly be able to make data-based decisions to solve several issues but was frustrated. The company was unable to access business intelligence without involving someone from IT and had little data governance in place. The new CEO wanted to be able to “get the story behind the story,” and he wanted to be able to move quickly and “be scrappy.”


CCG was enlisted to look at the Med Spa’s unique challenges and provide a RapidRoadmap solution addressing cross-functional data access and reporting, communication across teams, and the ideal future state of the data program. Within the RapidRoadmap engagement, they uncovered five core use cases across sales and marketing, customer analytics, and center management.

With analytics use cases in hand, CCG’s next task was to integrate the Med Spa’s data from a home-grown ERP system and Salesforce into a Microsoft Azure Database.

CCG leveraged a Bi-Modal approach, developing innovative prototype dashboards and statistical models to prove value, then operationalizing the most useful prototypes on the Azure platform. The team also built executives a self-service data mart with easy drag and drop functionality to help answer questions immediately as they come up.


The holistic data strategy identified in the RapidRoadmap enabled the CCG team to adapt their analytic output according to the new set of company-wide executive objectives. CCG aligned specific data projects around those objectives, including:


  • Funnel Optimization - to improve focus and effectiveness across the sales funnel
  • Center Optimization - to“plug the holes” by reducing shrinkage and maximizing operational efficiency
  • Marketing Spend Optimization - to achieve more precision around marketing spending and efficiency
  • Financing & Loyalty - to gain insights on behaviors that can drive lift and loyalty
  • Performance Management - to understand the story behind the story across the entire business


CCG automated a daily report that allows executives to track and drill into all their business-critical KPIs, including transaction volumes, average sale price, refund & discount levels and conversion/buy metrics. The report also enabled comparison across new vs. existing guests, multiple product categories, and actuals vs. forecast, budget, and prior year data. The report has become the“go to” source for a one-page view on the health of the company and used for marketing and other business decisions, and with the new reporting capabilities in place, the Med Spa could decommission their manual legacy reporting.

Overall, CCG was able to answer executive-level questions through the power of data. This solution empowered self-service through the organization, enabled users to dig deeper in their analytics, illuminated their customers behaviors and needs as never before, saved money and time on marketing and center management costs, and optimized governance processes for years to come.

“CCG not only helped to deliver a final product but was the best partner along the journey to help our team truly confirm definitions used in our data interpretation and to ensure that our team was following the most efficient path to reporting. Above all, the CCG team acted as part of our organization and ensured that the company’s best interests were at the forefront of every decision and workstream.”
- VP of Finance, Med Spa & Retail Company


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Quick Facts

  • Industry - Retail, Health and Wellness
  • Solution - Brand Insight through RapidRoadmap & Azure Analytics Platform
  • Technology - Microsoft Azure, Power BI


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