Professional Services Company Alleviates High On-Premises Licensing Costs and Migrates to Flexible Cloud Model

Companies across the globe are seeing benefits of migrating to the cloud, especially industry subsects like human resources and staffing. Talent solution companies enable businesses with the right workforce and empower employees with choices in their career paths. Located in Tampa, Florida, one human resources and staffing company (which we’ve anonymized to Talent Solution Group) partnered with CCG to enhance their existing data environment. With around 1,000 employees and revenue of over $400 Million, the company juggled multiple data sources systems within their hybrid on-premises environment.  


One of the many challenges that the Talent Solution Group found was the high license renewal costs with their on-premises servers. The company was leveraging a hybrid cloud model, meaning a portion of their data infrastructure was on-premises and a portion was in a cloud subscription. For their Azure subscription, the company was leveraging a pay-go model, which gave some flexibility on cancellation but lacked benefits as the company scaled. Lastly, the Talent Solutions Group leveraged outdated Windows Server and SQL dating back to 2012 and 2014. 


Realizing the steep difference between on-premises and Azure's Total Cost of Ownership, the Talent Solutions Group looked for a partner to improve their current subscriptions. The company was impressed by CCG, who immediately performed an analysis of their Azure instance and identified gaps in their security, automation, and performance. CCG performed a two-part migration for the Talent Solution Group, first migrating their existing on-premises SQL databases from their old Azure Virtual Machine (VM) and Windows Server to 2019 instances. Next, CCG migrated the pay-go subscription onto a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) model, which allows the Talent Solutions Group benefits with flexible payment, escalation of issues, and 24x7 partner support.  


The two-part migration allowed the Talent Solution Group to retire their on-premises infrastructure and allow for dynamic scalability. The business saw improvements in time to value with simplified access to core systems and the renewal of legacy platforms. The company's engineering workforce was set up for success with CCG's cloud experts' live training and on-going support post implementation. The Talent Solution Group saw the immediate impact of the migration of their cloud infrastructure and continued support to this very day from CCG through the Cloud Service Provider benefits. 


  • Scaffolding improvements and detailed findings were identified. 

  • Live training with the IT team during and post-configuration. 

  • Increase in performance and latency (time to value within the cause and effect of physical change in the system). 

If your professinal services organization needs help with Cloud Migration Strategy,  or advancing other data and analytics initiatives, contact the experts at CCG today. We will help your business grow and thrive, both now and in the future.

Quick Facts

  • Solution - Cloud MIgration and Optimization
  • Industry -Professional Services

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