Automotive Company Drives Profitability with Dashboard Automation


The auto sales industry may continue to see growth year-over-year, but those in the business know that increased revenue doesn’t always mean increased profitability. Surprisingly, automotive companies are no longer seeing a large return on car sales and are instead shifting their focus on finance and insurance. One of the largest automotive companies in America recently expanded its services to include finance, insurance and technology and employed the services of CCG to help monitor the success of this new growth strategy.


This new expansion brings with it a need for greater visibility into business performance in the areas of finance and insurance, but the automotive company was operating on legacy systems with limited reporting capabilities. They invested in a handful of Tableau licenses in an attempt to get faster, more powerful insights out of their legacy data systems, but they weren’t sure how to get started. They solicited the help of CCG to come in and show them how to get value out of the tool through a RapidDash engagement. 


CCG began the RapidDash in the same way all accelerators begin, with a stakeholder workshop to assess the current state of analytics and establish a list of executable use cases. CCG worked with the automotive company to select an initial use case for the RapidDash of developing an F & I (Finance and Insurance) dashboard. This dashboard would serve multiple audiences within the organization, visualizing overall revenue performance for the Finance Managers, giving store managers visibility into their store performance and track individual sales performance for local dealership representatives incentivized to sell the F & I programs.

Over the course of six weeks, CCG worked with the sales team to identify key reporting metrics, design a wireframe model and build the final working dashboard prototype. Upon the completion of the prototype, CCG lead a department-wide self-service training to equip the sales team with the skills needed to use this tool and develop their own dashboards and reports.

The RapidDash successfully proved the value and effectiveness of deploying a self-service revenue dashboard to enable the sales team. The car dealership is now working to operationalize this dashboard to automate and scale it to the rest of the organization by upgrading the legacy databases behind the solution. This dashboard will help to provide visibility at every level of the organization into its revenue health and equip sales representatives and store managers with the data they need to drive profitability.

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Quick Facts

  • Industry - Automotive
  • Solution - RapidDash

17 million

Auto sales in 2018 went over 17 million units because of millennials (Carsurance, 2021)

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