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Internet Not Required: Interact Everywhere with IBM Active Reports

Hillsborough County Public Schools


As the third largest school district in Florida and the eighth largest in the US, Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) touts its high scores with 25 of 30 high schools earning A or B grades during the 2012 – 2013 academic year. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida with over 200,000 students and 250 school sites, HCPS includes urban, suburban and rural/agricultural areas and focuses their improvement projects on enhancing teacher quality and student achievement. Some of the recent projects included how to improve assistant principal and principal hiring, how to better prepare students for college, and how to choose the right teachers and resources for high-need schools.

HCPS knows that making fact-based decisions and the ability to measure performance accurately will boost teacher effectiveness and student achievement. That’s why HCPS turned to CCG, an expert and trusted Business Intelligence partner, for a well-designed solution.


Hillsborough County Public Schools was struggling to communicate current information as needed to all interested business parties, especially in meetings without network connectivity where it was impossible to run existing Cognos reports. Typically, all reports were printed and brought to meetings, where all interactivity was lost. They needed a solution that would:

> Act Interactively for all interested partners

> Slice and dice by strategic objective owner

> Summarize performance by strategic objective area or owner

> Perform quickly, for on-demand meeting support

> Be viewed without connection to HCPS intranet or connection to existing Cognos BI Implementation


The solution was an interactive Strategic Plan Scorecard that summarized metrics at a high level, but also provided some detailed information to the users similar to a drill-through report. CCG helped HCPS to create an Active Report in IBM Cognos that impressed business users as well as solved the delivery and security concerns from an I.S. perspective. An additional data warehouse subject area was built to provide a scalable and sustainable way to capture objectives and owners over time.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan Scorecard using Active Reports provided a delivery method that made it easy for the report to reach the right audience. Furthermore, the solution provided a way for the users to have the appropriate access to the information, in an interactive fashion, even when offline. This Scorecard could be run during meetings on any laptop or tablet, which satisfied business users, and security was no longer an issue to the I.S. department, because the audience that needed the Scorecard didn’t have to log into Cognos Connection to access the report. 


Quick Facts

  • Industry - Education
  • Technology - IBM
  • Headquarters - Tampa, FL 
  • Website -
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