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About Kenco

Kenco is the largest woman-owned third-party logistics providers in the United States. For over 70 years, they have provided integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and eCommerce fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management services, material handling equipment services, and engineering and innovation consulting. Kenco manages over 90 distribution facilities comprising 30 million square feet and serves over 200 clients across a wide range of industries.


Driving innovation as a competency, Kenco was ahead of the curve in adopting technologies and data processes within the business. However, as the logistics company continued to grow, it was time to have an effective operating model that established consistency and efficiency for areas like data quality, policies, and procedures. Simply put, leaders at the company knew that they had talented employees and large quantities of data but needed a governance solution to get people, processes, technology, and data organized. Kenco looked to CCG for their proven data governance framework and RapidDG solution.


Getting an honest assessment from data users was a top priority for CCG's consultants. The CCG team interviewed over 75 employees across six departments, including human resources, information technology, operations, and finance. CCG worked alongside Kenco leaders to understand their current state, goals, and vision for driving an intelligent enterprise. Following detailed research and interviews, CCG put together a gap assessment with recommendations across areas like the organizational structure, data ownership, policies and procedures, skills, and data education.


The RapidDG solution's outputs gave Kenco a clear picture of how to move forward with a data governance program. CCG worked with Kenco to develop a cross-business unit operating model that outlined the accountable stakeholders to govern data assets across the enterprise. The engagement resulted in a thorough assessment of 25 governance markers covering six key areas: program management, data quality, data architecture, metadata management, and data privacy. Leaders at Kenco now have confidence in driving a world-class data governance program to benefit their employees and customers.


  • Data Governance Council structure to save resources and ensure representation across the organization
  • The unified goal of establishing a single source of truth and enabling self-service analytics
  • An honest assessment that ensures team member's voices are heard
  • Added agility to respond to today's needs while planning for tomorrow

"With the help of CCG's RapidDG solution, we at Kenco have a clear roadmap on how to use our data to its best potential. We look forward to empowering our team members with unified insights so we can better serve our customers." - Steve Hitchings, Senior VP of Information Technology at Kenco

If your organization needs help with Data Governance Strategy or advancing other data and analytics initiatives, contact the experts at CCG today. We will help your business grow and thrive, both now and in the future.

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Quick Facts

  • Solution - RapidDG: Data Governance Assessment
  • Industry - Transportation and Logistics
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