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Hillsborough County Public Schools


As the third largest school district in the state of Florida and the eighth largest in the US, Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) manages the education of over 200,000 students throughout 250 school sites spread across urban, suburban and agricultural areas surrounding Tampa Bay. HCPS is committed to the continuous growth and education of its students and its faculty. HCPS believes that making fact-based decision making and transparency in performance are critical to supporting educator effectiveness and student achievement. For this reason, HCPS chooses to partner with CCG for all of their data and analytics initiatives.


Hillsborough County Public Schools’ goal was to improve Principal and Assistant Principal hiring practices and better match educator resources to school needs through the use of technology. Previously, information such as training and employment records for current teachers and prospective school leaders was scattered across the organization. Unable to rely on centralized, consistent data, Area District Leaders responsible for filling Principal and Assistant Principal roles relied heavily on relationships for identifying applicants. Hiring decisions were made by capturing hand-written, unstructured recommendations and comparing information manually. Though this is still the norm in many other industries, it is critical for education institutions such as HCPS to match Principal skills to the needs of individual schools, as administrative responsibilities can vary greatly from school to school. HCPS was in need of a solution that would support the Principal and Assistant Principal hiring process by housing candidate information, performing needs analysis for schools and pipelining future candidates.


HCPS engaged CCG to develop a solution that would improve hiring practices county-wide and support future development programs. CCG first met with Area District Leaders and Principals to better understand the current hiring process and identify those correlations that align candidates with particular roles or schools. CCG Architects were brought in to model the data using Framework Modeler and oversee ETL processing, allowing HCPS to run reports using IBM Cognos BI.

Through the use of IBM Cognos BI, CCG developed a solution that would encapsulate a range of candidate attributes and predict the success of candidates for specific roles. A series of dashboards were developed that allow Area District Leaders and other hiring managers to filter through candidate skills to find best-fit applicants. Report Studio functionality was extended using advanced java scripting to enhance formatting features such as 3D checkboxes. This allowed for a more user-friendly interface making the process of selecting candidate similar to shopping for a car online. Once candidates are selected through the dashboard, hiring leaders are able to easily generate resume-style reports that can be used directly in candidate interviews.

This tool was first tested in a small focus groups to gather feedback and make modifications before distributing it district-wide. Following a successful beta launch, the tool was distributed to Area District Leaders and Principals throughout Hillsborough County. This solution has seen great success connecting Principals and Area District Leaders with new candidates and building a foundation of strong leaders through advanced analytics.


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