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A leading global provider of membership and leisure services partnered with CCG to launch a multi-phased initiative to replace their legacy data warehouse. The client’s marketing team was sophisticated, tech savvy and eager to execute on their strategies. However, it was growing increasingly difficult for the IT team to extend and scale the existing DW solution to support marketing and other business demands. Recognizing this, CCG was engaged to deliver a solution that provides the mechanisms to obtain a true 360 degree view of their members and close the loop between their marketing efforts and member engagement.


The main driver behind this effort was the marketing team’s need to analyze campaign performance as well as gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior. The business sought to elevate users from passive report consumers to active marketing analysts. The challenge was empowering users with enough data to reveal valuable customer insights. This initiative looked to reveal marketing campaign information from social engagements to specific distribution and booking channels, as well as campaign tracking analytics utilizing fully integrated data of all itemized source systems and attributes. Some of the specific challenges that prevented the marketing team from executing on their “Marketing 2.0” strategy initiatives included:

> Defining and implementing business rules around customer memberships, terms and products

> Balancing self-service ease of use with satisfying complicated reporting use case requirements

> Integrating four source systems with little-to-no system documentation

> Rectifying unexpected data quality issues across each source system

> Overcoming performance issues due to infrastructure resource contention

> Managing scope and client expectations to overcome “Phase Never”


A new data warehouse was built that integrated several source systems reaching as far back as 5 years for historical context. This provided the foundation necessary to support the Marketing 2.0 strategies. On the front-end, a set of highly analytical reports and dashboards were delivered to give visibility into the effectiveness of executed marketing campaigns. CCG’s solution provided a self-service environment incorporating data that spanned several subject areas, empowering users with a platform for enriched data discovery.

As a result of this engagement, the marketing team is now able to analyze trends in behavior and revenue by drilling into campaign responsiveness and the customer state at transaction time. Customer behavior and campaign performance hypotheses and future campaign planning are now supported through self-service ad-hoc reporting, quantifying marketing efforts as well as analyzing and comparing the performance of the various campaigns over time. The knowledge gained about their customers will be used for more targeted campaigns and increased response rates. 

These challenges are not uncommon. Learn how you could benefit from a platform modernizationsolution by reading our blog: Building a Data Platform Modernization Roadmap. Want to learn how you can implement platform modernization in your company? Contact Data and Analytics Expert here.

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