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Taking Your Deck to New Heights: How to Embed Power BI into PowerPoint Presentations

by Will Crayger

Aug 21, 2017

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time being an “excel ninja” takes? For many, this has been a way a life for years. What if there were an easier way to perform your analysis? Now, what if there were a way to not only easily perform data analysis but to also transfer your findings to an interactive, visually appealing PowerPoint deck? Insert Power BI!

Power BI enables end users to quickly and easily perform ad-hoc data analysis. It also gives users the ability to seamlessly embed full reports or report tiles into PowerPoint presentations, transforming your static deck into a fully interactive presentation experience. No more snipping tool or copy / paste necessary. With Power BI, you’re one PowerPoint add-in and a couple of clicks away from bringing sexy back! 


PBI in PPT Blog 1
PBI in PPT Blog 2

Instructions for Embedding Power BI into PowerPoint Decks:

Here’s a quick crash course on how to embed a report or report tiles from Power BI Service into your PowerPoint deck:

1. Launch PowerPoint

2. Navigate to "Insert" located on the top ribbon

PBI in PPT Blog 3

3. Navigate to "My Add-ins"

PBI in PPT Blog 4

4. Navigate to Store

PBI in PPT Blog 5

5. Search for "Power BI Tiles" and select "Add" 

PBI in PPT Blog 6

6. Select "From Power BI" 
PBI in PPT Blog 7

7. Log in the Office 365 account where your report exists

PBI in PPT Blog 8

8. Lastly, select a report from the"Reports " tab or tiles from the "Dashboard" tab

  • Dashboards that were created using a Live Pin of a report will not be displayed under the "Dashboard" tab, they will present under the "Reports" Tab
    PBI in PPT Blog 9

As you can see, Microsoft has made this process very straightforward. Even as simple as the process is, the ability to make your PowerPoint deck interactive will not only save you time but will also add value by enabling you to tell a better, more actionable story. For an example please find the supporting slide deck here

If you’re new to Power BI altogether and would like a quick tutorial on how to navigate the Power BI Desktop UI or how to publish reports to Power BI Service, check out my blog on Stock Market Analysis via Power BI located here!

For more insight into adding Power BI into your business, contact a Microsoft professional at or (813) 265-3239.