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SAP Enhances the BusinessObjects Platform with 4.2

by Boone Parnell

Jun 16, 2016

What's New with BusinessObjects 4.2?

SAP recently released their long awaited BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.2 release. This new release comes with a host of new enhancements. We’ve had the opportunity to upgrade early to the 4.2 platform and wanted to share with you some key features we found when experimenting with the new and improved tool.

Below is our list of the top six key enhancements in BusinessObjects 4.2. For a full list of upgrade features, check out SAP’s support release notes:

SAP also put out an informative webinar on the upgrade that you can watch here:


Key enhancements and features in the new BusinessObject 4.2 Platform

  1. BI Commentary

One more way to collaborate and gain better understanding of information…BI Commentary is an application that has been introduced in the CMC. It allows document users to collaborate by commenting on any of the data/statistics available in a given document. With BI Commentary, users can post comments on data/statistics within the reports.


  1. Recycle Bin

For those that understand the pains of accidental deletion of content…Recycle Bin is a new administration application in the CMC. When the user deletes an item from the BOE system, it is moved to the Recycle Bin, where it is temporarily stored until the Recycle Bin is emptied. This gives the user the opportunity to recover accidentally deleted reports/folders and restore them to their original locations.


  1. Geomap charts

It’s finally here… Geomaps are a new type of visualizations that represent data geographically, rendered via the Web Intelligence graphical engine, and let you match specific parts of your dataset with precise locations around the world via a geographical database embedded in Web Intelligence. Visualize your data on a map!


  1. SAP HANA Online Mode

With SAP HANA Online mode, create Web Intelligence documents with live data leveraging the power of HANA. In SAP HANA Online mode, all Web Intelligence calculations such as value aggregation and member filtering are delegated to HANA. This enables quicker interactions between Web Intelligence and HANA, providing better performance for data refresh.


  1. Push Notifications to iOS Devices

The SAP BusinessObjects Mobile server pushes notifications to iOS devices of the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile application users. Notifications occur in the following scenarios:

  • When the BI documents downloaded on user's device have an update or a new instance available on the server.
  • When a new document is received in user's BI Inbox.
  • When the BI platform/BOE administrator broadcasts a message.


  1. Parallel Data Provider Refresh

Parallel Data Provider Refresh increases data refresh performance for Web Intelligence reports containing multiple data providers, and enables you to perform several data refresh actions simultaneously in Web Intelligence reports based on multiple data providers with no performance drop.

For more information about the details for this new release and what your roadmap to upgrade would look like, call 813.265.3239 to speak with a member of our team or email


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