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How Microsoft Partners are the Answer to Stabilizing the Market

by Brian Rimes

Aug 16, 2017

The wave of board level focus on data and analytics is spreading like wildfire across every industry. Conversations about cloud usage and data visualizations are spanning lines of business and reaching new departments that have never looked beyond their local office helpdesk for technology guidance. Recognizing the changing winds in the data and analytics field, Microsoft is undergoing a massive transformation to reposition their solutions to revolve around the modern customer and better serve this new data rich and tech savvy market.

I had the opportunity to attend Microsoft’s recent partner summit, Microsoft Inspire in Washington, DC, where Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, expressed to partners their new strategy for taking any solution to market in 2017 and beyond:

  1. Deeply understand Microsoft customers and focus solutions on their success
  2. Sell the way customers want to buy, not the way sales people want to sell
  3. Drive new value to customers through partner engagement

Microsoft is experiencing strong growth, particularly around Azure Cloud, which has seen a 93% uptick in the last year. Much of this growth can be attributed to cloud based applications which are being developed by and for Microsoft customers for ease of data consumption spanning near limitless sources. This new cloud based market offers a unique opportunity for Microsoft to learn more about customer objectives and anticipate needs for better solutioning their products.

At the core of this transformation is the renewed focus on cloud consumption. Historically across all software vendors, including Microsoft, sales professionals are incentivized on selling massive, front-loaded software deals to net new customers. Microsoft made a humbling and powerful statement to their customers that may have gone unnoticed when they recently announced that sales executives will now be compensated heavily on cloud consumption, no longer just upfront software investments. This means that sales executives are now incentivized to create lasting relationships with Microsoft customers and provide ongoing support that guarantees the growth and success of their business.

Most notably for my company, and other Microsoft Business Partners, is the transition of power from Microsoft sales teams to technical partners like CCG in driving Microsoft customer engagement. Microsoft executives have acknowledged that we, the business partners, are their extended arm on the front lines supporting their customers day-in and day-out. We uniquely understand the business challenges that Microsoft customers are facing and have developed competencies around resolving those challenges using Microsoft technologies. Over the last few years, many of us have transitioned from agnostic “purple unicorn” consultants to very specialized, industry experts who are trusted by Microsoft employees and customers alike to transform Microsoft products into solutions. This new partner-forward model will open the lines of communication and allow for greater visibility into the actual usefulness of Microsoft products for customers, driving innovation and business value on both sides. 

Among all of these changes was a series of layoffs by Microsoft that, while unfortunate to be certain, signaled Microsoft’s confidence that partners like CCG were going to be key to their success in delivering better value to their customers. 

Recognizing that MSFT had to make hard decisions and let talented people go, I am sending out the bat-signal to any individuals that specialize in Microsoft on premise or Azure cloud based data and analytics solutions who are seeking a new full-time opportunity. As a longtime Microsoft partner who has experienced excessive growth ourselves, we open our doors to anyone affected by these layoffs to transition into their new Microsoft adjacent home at CCG. 

If you are excited to remain in the Microsoft ecosystem and want to be part of a team that values professional development and personal growth as much as the growth of our own business, then I implore you to reach out to our incredible Talent team at or check out some of the highest priority open Microsoft positions below. 

Microsoft Data Warehouse Architect 

Microsoft Senior Data Warehouse Consultant 
Microsoft Business Intelligence Architect
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