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Avoiding the Burn: How CCG Thinks Outside of the Box on Employee Work-Life Balance

by Mary Bolen

Dec 14, 2017

In the world of Business Intelligence and Information Technology, we often push ourselves to the limit with work, professional development, and technical growth, teetering on the edge of burn out.  What can be done to ensure we have real opportunities for work-life balance? Not just talk of it without any action.

I work for a company called Convergence Consulting Group (CCG), a consulting firm whose consultants (like me) support BI initiatives of companies around the globe. CCG prides itself on our out-of-the-box approach to providing our employees (whom we call CCG’ers) with the opportunity to play just as hard as we work. Within CCG, the employees are encouraged to not just clock in the 40 hours a week on client site, but to get involved in the community, whether local or national. Creating an organized group of members with opportunities, CCG is home to a group called the Community Council.

CCG’s Community Council is a volunteer-based internal council who meets bi-weekly and plans events for CCG, with events ranging from monthly happy hours to celebrate CCGer’s birthdays and work anniversaries, to fundraising bake sales and coastal cleanups.  Our Community Council was established for a twofold purpose.  One, provide our employees with opportunities to spend time together outside of their project work, and two, live out the part of CCG’s mission to serve the community. This year alone we have partnered with Keep Tampa Beautiful, Special Olympics Hillsborough, American Heart Association, and Children’s Cancer Center, and we look forward to adding more partnerships in the new year. These opportunities are not just ones that get a ton of praise either, our partnerships and volunteer opportunities are often recommendations from CCG’ers on organizations and efforts that they care about.

 The time spent together outside of normal working hours gives CCGers a chance to have fun getting to know each other and their families while also giving back to the community in which we so happily live and work.  Having the Community Council in place provides extra support for CCG’s initiatives for work-life balance, and with the members of the council coming from all areas of CCG, it ensures that CCGers voices are being heard. The events being planned are ones that others see as opportunities and enjoy participating in to add balance to their work lives, not just a top-down assumption. Allowing for creative ideas and involvement in the community ensures that burn out is avoided and that collaboration is not only met, but encouraged. As we head into 2018, the excitement is building for what we plan for the new year!

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