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Birst & Tableau, The New Power Couple

by Brian Rimes

Apr 15, 2015

The day has come: Birst & Tableau have announced their powerful partnership. These two leading tools are pairing up to grow their companies as key players in the BI space. Customers of both emerging tools can now experience vivid visualizations through Tableau software backed by a scalable, secure BI Birst platform, providing a single trusted view of data across the enterprise.

Jay Larson, CEO of Birst noted, “The combination of Birst and Tableau is an example of one plus one equaling three, and is an example of the new world order that’s emerging in the business intelligence market in 2015.” Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) proudly announced our partnership with Birst just this past January. While we have been growing our Tableau practice, we were resistant to formalize a partnership with the increasingly popular company.

Made famous for its impressive graphic capabilities, Tableau historically has been considered a departmental tool, not an enterprise solution, largely due to its lack of cloud, semantic layer and governance capabilities. This partnership is largely in response to customer demand for greater data extraction and refinement. Together, Birst and Tableau can provide an integrated solution that meets all of your business requirements and end user needs company-wide.

“In late March, we had the opportunity to share this view with key leaders at the Gartner BI & Analytics Summit on behalf of CCG customers who were skeptical of Tableau as a data discovery tool,” reflected Brian Rimes, Sr. VP of Business Development, CCG. “It is our duty to act as a voice for our customers in the BI community; it feels like a win for us all to see these voices heard.”

Tableau customers aren't the only ones benefiting from this new partnership. Birst software is best known for its cloud capabilities; this partnership announcement comes just days after the Howard Dresner Advisory Services announcement naming Birst as the best Cloud BI solution on the market. However, it is no secret that Birst (and most other leading BI tools) has struggled to compete with Tableau from a visualizations standpoint. This partnership will open the door to fast track analytics for Birst end users.

CCG SVP of BI & Analytics, Dan Rodriguez, had this to say of the new found partnership, "The power struggle that is manifesting between IT’s desire for governed business intelligence and businesses desire for ungoverned data discovery is growing at an unprecedented pace.  Birst and Tableau’s announcement is a step in the right direction of creating a happy and productive analytic marriage.  Organizations need both of these critical analytic capabilities to perform operationally and to innovate.  This is exciting stuff.”

Join Brad Peters, Birst Chairman & Chief Product Officer, and Dan Jewett, Tableau Vice President Product Management, as they delve further into this great new partnership May 21st, 10am PDT. Registration for this webinar is now available at: