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Let's talk about how to produce stunning, user-friendly dashboards.

Visualizations serve as a launching point for better business decision making. A well-designed dashboard clearly communicates metrics and enhances the meaning of data through colors and diagrams. Data-driven organizations that adopt user-friendly dashboards are 23 times as likely to acquire customers, 6 times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result.

How to create vivid visualizations?

The art of dashboard design is more than we can translate on a single web page, but here are three imperative tricks for creating stunning dashboards that users will value.

Involve Business Users: The best dashboards are those that provide lasting meaning to their audience. Do you know what is meaningful to Karen, who works on the 2nd floor? No, and nor should you guess. Involve business users early in the dashboard design process to identify key metrics and classify data objects. Be sure to take into consideration the skill levels of your users and solicit feedback throughout the design process to encourage adoption of the end result.

RapidDash Video DashboardUse Visual Features: Within seconds of opening a dashboard, the user should gleam value. Visual features such as colorful charts and icons help to translate important information quickly. The types of visualizations that you should use depends on the data set. Create hierarchies to map out your data story, painting by numbers along the way to call out the highest value metrics.

Design Iteratively: Collaboration is key to successful design. We recommend adopting an agile methodology for dashboard development, allowing your team to focus on short-term successes and communicate progress on a weekly basis.

Dashboard design is truly an art, and we are data artists who'd like to share our methodologies with you. Schedule a call to learn how in six weeks our RapidDash Accelerator can help you:

  • Empower the business with user-friendly dashboards
  • Assess or validate reporting technology investments
  • Enable self-service and drive analytics adoption

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