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Empower Informed Decision-Making Through Data Visualizations

Align Your Data and Analytics with Your Organization's Strategy

Dashboard design is truly an art, and we are business analysts and data artists who'd like to share our methodologies with you. At CCG Analytics Solutions & Services, our business intelligence experts have developed RapidDash, a solution that leverages the capabilities of Microsoft's Power BI to empower functional business intelligence in your organization. With RapidDash, we leverage our industry-specific subject matter experts from retail, healthcare, automotive and more, to partner with your organization's executives for in-depth ideation workshops and interviews. From there, your organization will receive a data platform validation review, a custom dashboard with weekly and iterative visual releases, and self-service training.

Transform Your Data in 6 Weeks

Data visualizations serve as a launching point for better business decision making. When you can better visualize your data, you can tell a better story. A well-designed dashboard clearly communicates metrics and enhances the meaning of data through colors and diagrams. Data-driven organizations that adopt user-friendly dashboards are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, 6 times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result. 
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Make Better Business Decisions

Have you invested in business intelligence solutions and analytics tools that aren’t aligning with your business needs? Have you considered consultants and trainings but aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for? RapidDash caters to the needs of business leaders that require insights they can readily produce, who don’t have the luxury of relying on dedicated analytics talent. Align data and analytics strategy with you organization’s strategy and prioritize resources and investments to drive business value and outcomes for the organization.

Why CCG?

A core element of our success is not the technology or the visual appeal, it’s the methodology to which we can help you drive toward an agreed upon vision for a critical priority that can be supported via a dashboard. Consulting projects often layer too many additional meetings, trainings, lunch and learns, reviews, and other nonsense on top of an already packed executive calendar. That’s not us. We will ask for the time investment of an equivalent of one business day of your leadership team, across a standard 6-week engagement, showing progress, insights, and results with each meeting.

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CCG understood our project needs very well, they are very responsive and we could not ask for anything more. The solution they provided fit perfectly with our expectations and business goals. - Chief Data Officer, GOP Data Trust

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