Gain A Trusted Data Platform

The importance of trusted data simply cannot be overstated. Profisee’s MDM tool communicates between Azure Purview, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Factory to enforce data standards. The tool verifies data based on governance standards, matches, and merges to then fuel analytics platforms. Profisee ensures that your data can be trusted, so you can be confident in the analytics and insights that Azure provides. Without high-quality data entering the Azure Data Estate, the business value of Azure will be undermined, perhaps critically.

With a trusted foundation of business-ready data, you can:


Build trusted relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

Uncover business opportunities: new revenue models, increased customer equity, and improved efficiency.

Make informed decisions from data without second guessing what the data says.

Data Governance + Profisee MDM + Azure Purview

Looking for a proof of concept solution to get the ball rolling on trusted data? Our better together offer does just that and delivers:

  • Data Governance Assessment
  • ROI and Business Impact on implementing MDM for your company
  • Azure Architecture
  • Budget Guidance

Take action for your trusted data’s sake and future bragging rights. 

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