Our Leadership Team

With vast experience across hundreds of customers in a variety of industries, our expert leadership team knows how to put strategy, process, and methodology into actionable plans, so your business can rapidly reach your goals. We strive to understand the people behind the technologies, unify different departments towards a common goal, and effectively engage with your executive team to help your business realize measurable and impactful results.

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Dan Phelps, Chief Executive Officer

Dan Phelps is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founding partner of CCG. He brings over 20 years of information management expertise, accounting, and finance leadership, and consulting experience to his role. A University of South Florida graduate, Dan began his career in accounting where he applied his technical and accounting knowledge to increase operational efficiency through systems automation and leverage data for improved financial forecasting and analysis. Dan’s ability to apply data and technology to solve business challenges led him to join Arthur Andersen’s consulting practice where he met his future fellow CCG Executive Board Members.

Tony Dibenedetto

Tony Dibenedetto, Advisory Board Member

Tony DiBenedetto is the Chair of CCG's Board of Directors. CCG leverages Tony's experience at the helm of technology company Tribridge to complete its shift to a solutions-based business model that places advanced data analytics at the center of digital transformation.  Tony was the founder of Tribridge which he grew to $175 million in revenue by responding quickly to market demand and transforming the company into a cloud and industry solutions powerhouse, particularly in the Microsoft channel.

Angela Demarest

Angela Demarest, Vice President, People Operations

Angela Demarest serves as the Vice President of People Operations, leading the Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, and Employee Success functions at CCG. She brings over 15 years of IT experience in project management, business analysis, and enterprise architecture before joining the Operations department at CCG in 2016. At that point, Angela's passion for developing others and promoting a positive & engaging employee experience led her to take on a broader focus for the company.

Leo Lovely

Leo Lovely, Vice President of Delivery

Leo Lovely serves as the Vice President of Delivery, leading the services and solution delivery teams for our clients. He joins CCG with over twenty-three years of experience leading and growing teams that design, develop, and integrate complex solutions that drive efficiency, reduce cost, and drive revenue for Fortune 500 and international organizations. Leo brings with him a fresh perspective and extensive experience identifying needs, solving business problems, and delivering results for clients.

Greg P

Greg Pierce, Executive Vice President of Cloud

Greg Pierce is the Executive Vice President of Cloud, leading CCG’s cloud strategy. He joins CCG with 27 years of experience in cloud computing trends, cloud migration, and cloud management. Prior to working with CCG, Greg led the development of the Concerto Private Cloud from inception and added Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services offerings.  Under Greg’s leadership, Concerto grew from a line-of-business startup within Tribridge to a spun-off entity annually recognized as a “Top 15 Cloud Services Provider” and “Coolest Cloud Vendor In The Country,” with more than $30 million in revenue, over 400 direct customers and 70 transacting channel partners.

Sam P

Sam Powell, Chief Financial Officer

A transformational executive with a knack for strategic decision-making and talent development, Sam Powell serves as Chief Financial Officer and is one of CCG’s original founders. Sam prides himself in leading a team of highly engaged CCGers whose mission is to “find, grow, and keep” top-tier talent through various recruitment strategies, professional development initiatives, and employee engagement programs.  As a veteran of the United States Army, Sam brings a passionate and disciplined leadership style to CCG's Executive Team. Sam transitioned from active service into a Business Consulting career at Arthur Anderson. Over the course of Sam's consulting career, he gained experience and knowledge across a diverse portfolio of technologies, industries, and business best practices. Sam's experience managing complex business consulting projects across various lines of business, combined with his passion for growing the potential of others, made him invaluable to CCG's founding in 2002.

Dan Rod

Dan Rodriguez, Chief Revenue Officer

Dan Rodriguez is the Chief Revenue Officer and a Founding Partner of CCG. Dan leads the Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Sales, and Customer Success functions of CCG to drive scalable and predictable revenue growth to meet the demands of our amazing customers. Leveraging almost 20 years of experience in the data analytics space, he designs revenue programs across departments to ensure that existing and new customers know how we can help them reach their goals through the use of purpose-driven data and analytics.  Dan began his information technology consulting career over 20 years ago in Arthur Anderson’s Advanced Technology Group, where he met his four future CCG owners. When Arthur Anderson closed in the early 2000s, Dan was supporting a B2C/B2B eCommerce project in Amsterdam for CCG’s first client, Wavin B.V., jump-starting his career-long interest in supply chain and consumer marketing analytics.

Brian R

Brian Rimes, Advisory Board Member

Brian Rimes is a Co-Owner and Founding Partner of CCG. He has worked for over 18 years serving 150+ customers and growing the company’s Strategic Partnerships and Marketing teams from the ground up. Brian previously served as the CRO, managing the entire revenue life-cycle for the organization, including Business Development, Marketing, and Strategic Partnerships, overseeing every stage of the sales process from demand generation through client experiences. Brian is most known by his peers for his motivating spirit and inspiring energy that fosters a collaborative and consultative culture among the business development team. 

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