Machine Learning Session

What's the future of your business?
Machine Learning can show you.

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Explore machine learning applications and technology in this customized workshop.

Machine Learning is by definition an ever-improving method for computing data to predict outcomes. Every new data set presents a unique opportunity to apply predictive algorithms and unearth new insights.

Machine learning can drive tangible business value for a wide range of industries — but only if it is actually put to use. For most companies, the challenge isn’t that machine learning doesn’t work, but the struggle to apply it to the right business opportunities. Machine learning is a balancing act for data scientists, identifying the right business use case with enough data to generate valuable outcomes.

Strategy for Web The primary goal of this workshop is to identify those unique use cases in your business that are ripe for machine learning; use cases that will not only produce immediate value, but act as a springboard for applying advanced analytic techniques to improve your entire enterprise. In this personalized workshop, you'll sit down 1:1 with data scientists and advanced analytics consultants to identify the objectives for machine learning in your business, explore the latest in ML / AI technology, pinpoint actionable use cases that will impact the business and develop a plan for taking action.

Machine Learning Workshop Agenda

  • Education (3 hours) Introduction of Machine Learning capabilities with relevant demonstrations
  • Discovery (2 hours) Assessment of current technology landscape and identification of ML use cases
  • Envisioning ( 2 hours) Analysis of data processes and data availability to prioritize machine learning use cases
  • Planning (1 hour) Value proposition and creation of an actionable plan for executing ML use case(s)

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