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Explore the Advanced Capabilities of Your Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of existing connections between, people, data and devices. Technology advancements have bridged the gap between on-premise, hybrid, and cloud solutions, advancing the ability to analyze data quicker and more efficiently. Three major benefits of implementing IoT technologies are:

  1. Safety - By removing hazardous physical environments.
  2. Comfort - Through optimizing data environments with the control of energy costs.
  3. Efficiency - Eliminating monotonous tasks for quicker, automated processes.
Developing a roadmap to IoT success requires specific app and infrastructure solutions with your IT and business users in mind. Examine your IoT capabilities in an Azure Architecture Design Session to leverage the benefits of the cloud or hybrid against business goals and industry standards. Learn about risks associated with advancing your current data landscape to incorporate IoT technologies.

"Of all the businesses who chose to implement IoT, 94% have already seen a return on their IoT investments" - CSG 

The outcomes of this Azure Architecture Design Session are a polished data landscape and a detailed plan for elevating your current business solutions. Receive industry-specific guidance from Microsoft Data Management Consultants and CCG Senior Data Professionals with goals on migration processes. This workshop includes technology demonstrations to see first-hand the ease of use of recommended products.

Azure Architecture Design Session Agenda

  • Discovery (2 hours) Assessment of current applications, infrastructure, and strategy.
  • Education (3 hours) Introduction to advanced capabilities of cloud computing, storage options, and migration methods.
  • Envisioning (2 hours) Explorations of key functions and components of moving on-premise solution to the cloud. This considers security and mapping of requirements.
  • Planning (1 hour) Creation of actionable plan, reviewing exclusions, risks, and issues for migrating.

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