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CCG is rooted in solving complex data and analytics challenges to enable organizations to see farther and go faster. We’ve focused our collective energy, passion and expertise on helping customers elevate their performance through data-driven insights and business strategies.

For us, data and analytics isn’t a value-add or one of a multitude of service lines. It’s central to our business, because we believe it’s central to every successful business. Our customers count on us to guide them through the clutter of a burgeoning analytics market, build smart strategies and leverage new technical capabilities in innovative ways. Helping you succeed is why we exist as a company.

CCG is a rapidly growing company with team members and customers throughout the country. Our vision is to be the most respected, high-growth provider of transformative data and analytics solutions in the United States. The future is bright, and we look forward to reaching success together.


Five Consultants Choose their Own Destiny.

CCG started with five consultants, all with Big-Five consulting experience, who bonded while working together on a project for Arthur Anderson. The Enron scandal presented these men with a choice--fold into the acquiring firm of KPMG or risk their careers and take control of their own destiny. Their decision created CCG.


A Client-Centered Philosophy Built on Trust.

Even before CCG owned a door to hang a sign on, the founders set out to create true partnerships with clients. The strong relationships created at Arthur Anderson allowed CCG to thrive for years on referrals alone. Our focus at this time was to deliver successful outcomes to our large corporate clients.


The Explosive Growth of Data.

CCG saw the exponential acceleration in the importance of data analysis, but also the severe complexity of it all. To give our clients access to actionable information, we made a cultural shift to focus entirely on business intelligence and data services.


A Time to Grow. A Time to Build.

At this time we picked up a few key clients, hired on more employees and opened our first office in Tampa. CCG quickly went from being a group of five guys into a stable, vendor agnostic organization.


CCG opened its headquarters.

CCG opened its beautiful headquarters in Rocky Point, Tampa, which serves as a central hub for our culture and attracts talent from all over the country. We also continue to expand into other parts of Florida, including Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Tallahassee.


The CCG of Today

CCG opened offices in Atlanta and Ft. Lauderdale and continues to expand in the Southeast US. We are laser-focused on helping our clients improve business efficiency through the use of analytics and data, and take pride in being the best at what we do.


Clients on All Corners

Now a nation-wide brand name, CCG has clients across the US including Alabama, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, North & South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and many others.