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Sam Powell

Chief Financial Officer
A transformational executive with a knack for strategic decision making and talent development, Sam Powell serves as Chief Financial Officer and is one of CCG’s original founders. Sam prides himself in leading a team of highly engaged CCGers whose mission is to “find, grow, and keep” top tier talent through various recruitment strategies, professional development initiatives and employee engagement programs.

As a veteran of the United States Army, Sam brings a passionate and disciplined leadership style to CCG's Executive Team. Sam transitioned from active service into a Business Consulting career at Arthur Anderson. Over the course of Sam's consulting career, he gained experience and knowledge across a diverse portfolio of technologies, industries, and business best practices. Sam's experience managing complex business consulting projects across various lines of business, combined with his passion for growing the potential of others, made him invaluable to CCG's founding in 2002. While Sam has always had a hand in operations at CCG, he formally took over leadership of CCG’s Operations in 2011. 

Sam’s passion and commitment to growing the potential of his employees and the company has helped to foster an engaging and inclusive culture at CCG that has contributed to the company's being recognized repeatedly as a Best Place to Work consistently posting Employee Engagement rankings in the top 5% across all US companies. Experience working with CCG yourself and realize the potential that comes with true employee engagement by clicking "Careers" above. ;
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