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Dan Rodriguez

Chief Revenue Officer

Dan Rodriguez is the Chief Revenue Officer and Founding Partner of CCG. Dan leads the Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Sales, and Customer Success functions of CCG to drive scalable and predictable revenue growth to meet the demands of our amazing customers. Leveraging almost 20 years of experience in the data analytics space, he designs revenue programs across departments to ensure that existing and new customers know how we can help them reach their goals through the use of purpose-driven data and analytics.

Dan began his information technology consulting career over 20 years ago in Arthur Anderson’s Advanced Technology Group, where he met his four future CCG owners. When Arthur Anderson closed in the early 2000's, Dan was supporting a B2C/B2B eCommerce project in Amsterdam for CCG’s first client, Wavin B.V., jump-starting his career long interest in supply chain and consumer marketing analytics. Dan returned stateside to support the launch of CCG, where he oversaw Business Intelligence and Analytics services. In 2016, Dan developed the Business Solutions Group at CCG, leveraging industry knowledge and data analytics delivery expertise to develop CCG's first solution, AVR. The success of AVR served as a springboard, funding the future development of consumer analytics and retail operations focused cloud data solutions.  

In his tenure, Dan has served in an abundance of roles, consulting on data strategy, data literacy, data culture, operational and analytical reporting, performance management, cloud enablement, visual storytelling and advanced analytics. Dan's passion is helping organizations to navigate digital transformation while making data and analytics a pervasive part of their performance and culture. It is this passion that has transformed CCG into a leader in Azure customer data solutions. Learn more about the solutions developed by Dan's team by clicking "Solutions" above. 

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