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Angela Demarest

Executive Director of Operations
Angela Demarest serves as the Executive Director of Operations, leading the Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, and Employee Success functions at CCG. She brings 15 years of IT experience in project management, business analysis, and enterprise architecture prior to joining the Operations department at CCG in 2016. At that point, Angela's passion for developing others and promoting a positive & engaging employee experience led her to take on a broader focus for the company.
Under her leadership, CCG has implemented several programs that foster employee engagement and professional development. This includes the company's Consultant Bootcamp program, which provides new consultants with a professional foundation for consulting skills, data and analytics principles, and delivery methodologies. She also created CCG's VIVA Awards program, which annually recognizes the top employees who demonstrate the company's core values of Teaming, Serving and Learning.
Angela believes in the power of bringing individuals together from different backgrounds and life experiences to accomplish powerful outcomes in business and in communities. In her role, she plans to help CCG continue to live its mission of "bringing GREAT people together to do extraordinary things" by implementing communication and collaboration strategies to ensure employees stay connected to the organization, customers, and each other regardless of where they are working from. This has become increasingly more important as CCG's continues to be a high-growth provider of transformative cloud and data analytics solutions across the U.S.
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