While business intelligence is a value-add offering for many technology and services companies, CCG is focused exclusively on data and analytics consulting, solutions and services. This is all we do.

With vast experience across hundreds of customers in a variety of industries, our expert leadership team knows how to put strategy, process and methodology into actionable plans, so your business can rapidly reach your goals. We strive to understand the people behind the technologies, unify different departments towards a common goal, and effectively engage with your executive team to help your business realize measurable and impactful results.

We are a group of professional and experienced data and analytics consultants who are passionate about providing you with the tools and insights to become more innovative, data-driven business leaders. We can’t wait to work with you.



Fun Fact: I've been with CCG for over 10 years. 

Greg Frasca

Director of Strategy

Fun Fact:I'm the Founder and Host for the Data Science Ethics Podcast!

Lexy Kassan

Director of Strategy

Fun Fact: A bit of CCG history... I have the distinction of being CCG's first employee. I joined way back in 2006. 

Boone Parnell

Director of Core

Fun Fact: I have very high standards for my morning cup of coffee, so I roast my own coffee beans at home. 

Brian Beesley

Director of Data Science

Fun Fact: Vanessa Williams' dad taught me how to play tenor saxophone.

John Bastone

Director of Customer Success

Fun Fact: Once considered becoming a bodybuilder, die-hard Michigan football supporter. 

Jacob Murbach

Director of Cloud Management

Fun Fact: I'm a horror movie buff 

Maryann Werner

Senior Marketing Manager

Fun Fact: Secretly I'm always thinking about fishing. 

Stephen Locke

Senior Manager - Talent Acquisition

Fun fact: My little brother is 1/4 my age! My wife and I are avid supporters of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. 

Brian Metz

Senior Account Executive

Fun Fact: I majored in Electronic Music Composition and like to restore classic cars.

James McAuliffe

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect

Fun Fact: I've attended games in all MLB stadiums and 75% of the NBA arenas.

Gerry Martinez

Senior Account Executive

Fun Fact: I love to play tennis.

Greg Anderson

General Manager, Atlanta