Data and Analytics is our WHAT. Understanding People is our HOW.



Focus. Agility. Expertise.
We Deliver the Speed-to-Value You Need.

CCG is a data and analytics company that helps organizations become more insights-driven, solve complex challenges and accelerate growth through industry-specific solutions. We empower customers to gain greater visibility into their data and make informed decisions to achieve a competitive advantage. Our strategic offerings are designed to deliver speed-to-value, improve business outcomes and unify teams around a common view of trusted insights.

CCG has a passion for problem-solving and a singular focus on data and analytics. We specialize in aligning IT and business with a shared goal to better understand, manage and quickly act on mission-critical information. A premier Microsoft partner, we use leading cloud platforms to develop solutions and provide analytics that help our customers advance their digital strategies.

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CCG How to Overcome 9 Common Challenges of Data Governance

Our Story

Data. Analytics. Digital Transformation.

We Saw it Coming from a Mile Away.

CCG has been providing data and analytics solutions since before it was really cool. We’ve focused our collective energy, passion and expertise on helping customers navigate today’s digital world by transforming their information into a true business asset.

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Our Culture

Serve Others. Be a Team Player. Learn A Lot.

This is Our Culture.

At CCG, we work hard. But we also take the time to have fun and really get to know each other. We believe family important, and we strive to cultivate a culture that strikes a balance between who we are at work and who we are at home. We celebrate successes, we encourage each other to win, and we support each other during trying times.


Our Careers

Knowledge. Teamwork. Confidence.

We’re Always Looking for Top Talent.

If you have a passion for data and analytics, a desire to help others succeed, and a thirst for knowledge, CCG may be the perfect fit for you. Our talented team of professionals work together to inspire, innovate and bring a lasting impact to our customers and communities.


Our Partners

Innovation. Technology. Trust.

We Partner with the Best Businesses to Create Custom Solutions.

CCG’s strategic partners enable us to offer the technologies and solutions that best meet our customers’ specific data and analytics needs, empowering them to make more informed and insightful business decisions.



Experienced. Passionate. Professional. We Can’t Wait to Work with You.

With vast experience across hundreds of customers in a variety of industries, our expert leadership team knows how to put strategy, process and methodology into actionable plans, so your business can rapidly reach your goals.



Excellence. Achievements. Growth. We’re Proud of Our Success.

CCG is honored to have received both national and local acclaim and recognition for excellence in leadership, service and growth.