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You know that cloud is a smart move, but how do you get their.

Make the Most of Your Move to the Cloud

While many companies are encouraging people to move to the cloud (or, in some cases, discouraging them), Convergence Consulting Group offers an objective voice among the noise. We are not a cloud provider. We have no requirement to manage the cloud for our clients, no cloud product of our own, and no vested interest in a specific cloud solution. Instead we have the knowledge and experience to help you define a personalized, effective cloud strategy.

We are here to provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your business. Download our eBook today to learn about the benefits of the cloud, and how we can help you get there, by offering:

  • Cloud Strategy. We help customers identify the right tools and the right processes for migrating with limited disruption to your business.
  • Cloud Architecture. Our architects will model your data in the cloud so that it is easy to access and manage, while still retaining the governance and protection you’ve come to expect.
  • Migration Services. The migration process is different for every platform. We have experience to provide a seamless transition from on-premise to IaaS, SaaS, PaaS and in between.
  • Cloud Analytics. We help our clients to maximize the agility of the cloud through on-demand business intelligence and self-service analytics.

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