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Senior Portfolio Marketing Manager

As Data and Analytics: Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager at CCG, you will become a market expert on data & analytics services and guide the short and long term agenda for them.

Overview: This role is a key player in an organization’s evolution from selling our portfolio of offerings (solutions and services) centered around buyer pain points and outcomes.  As such, it requires significant internal and external thought leadership and the ability to drive change across a wide variety of functions/roles.  You will be working across teams and partner channels to integrate multiple offering components into a solution and content that creates unique value for buyers.  You will drive revenue through effectively positioning and promoting the solution/services relative to buyer needs and the competition.

Roles and Responsibility:

  • Architect our portfolio and solution offering; including the major themes that will be communicated into target markets, buyers, the industry landscape and key issues
  • Analyze potential markets to determine which have a higher propensity to buy and whether the organization has the capability to deliver, ensure we are capitalizing on marketing opportunities and maximining our share gain.
  • Map products, services and offerings from external partners into key solution categories and make sure they are represented on peer review sites.
  • Develop buyer personas for the identified roles
  • Develop and own positioning and messaging for solutions and services though deep engagement with delivery, partners, customer success.
  • Build relevant and engaging content for buyer roles to consume in a variety of formats, including white papers, brochures, social media, Web pages, online events and much more
  • Develop the competitive comparison guide for use in positioning against like offerings from other organizations
  • Determine the best routes to market for the solution, typically a combination of internal sales resources and external partners
  • Lead and develop the creation of enablement content for direct and indirect sales resources (e.g. messaging, how to talk to it, playbooks, battlecards, scripts, presentations, training modules, demos).
  • Collaborate with a formal sales enablement function on a well-defined sales enablement plan.
  • Develop a social media plan to support both the solution’s release as well as its ongoing lifecycle management.


  • 8+ years of B2B Product Marketing experience in B2B company
  • Experience in marketing of services and total solutions (combining of multiple products)
  • Exceptional business acumen with the ability to uncover an understanding of clients' and prospects' most critical business needs and demonstrate how CCG’s capabilities can drive business value
  • Strong domain expertise in Data and Analytics, B2B, and marketing to large enterprise organizations
  • Proven influence skills and demonstrated ability to lead by influence, drive change, and orchestrate strategy, planning, and execution across cross-functional teams
  • Experience and track record of driving adoption, growth, results and empowering sales teams
  • Self starter, creative thinker, excellent listener and communicator
  • Exceptional ability to write and create solution focused content

Success Metrics:

  • Solution/Service Revenue Performance and Pipeline Forecast
  • Marketing Pipeline Metrics
  • Win/Loss Rates
  • Number of solution references secured
  • Sales Adoption of enablement materials



  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Strong Writing/Presentation Building
  • Can leverage platforms/tools to connect with sales resources, buyers, channel partners
  • Can develop strategies for creating pipeline for new offerings as well as upsell, cross sell, and ABM programs



  • Collaborative
  • Analytical
  • Rational/logical
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Detail Orientated


  • Solution/Service Offering
  • Key industries and segments
  • Company brand/value prop
  • Buying Offices (Personas)
  • Company Sales Methodology
  • Sales organization structure, third party channels, routes to market

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