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Our mission is to bring great people together to do extraordinary things. Looking ahead to the new environment created by COVID-19 Pandemic and the Global Economic Crisis, our purpose is more important than ever. 

Organizations massively impacted overnight are thrust into quickly analyzing data from an entirely new perspective.  CCG is committed to working together to answer new questions, craft creative and flexible solutions and offer virtual expert engagement to help you navigate the shifting road ahead with analytics.

Click here for a letter from co-founder Brian Rimes,  where he describes our innovative approach to this ongoing, dynamic, program seeking to engage our ecosystem in a conversation about how data analytics solutions can best help you adapt, evolve and eventually bounce back from this difficult period. 

As you adjust strategy and plans, we can help equip you and your people with prescriptive and predictive analytics offerings based on a new fact base.  We are launching the first in a series of result-oriented concepts designed to make informed decisions today and accurately plan for tomorrow rapidly.

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity – Albert Einstein

We will get through this together.

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Our crisis ADAPT team is leveraging an agile methodology to continuously listen, learn, and adapt to the marketplace. Our recommendations are based on topics that are working for customers who are leveraging data analytics to stabilize their operations. 

In the sections below we will present an evolving series of topics and solutions our experts can discuss with you in an effort to help you fight your battle.

Crisis Scenario Planning & Management

Crisis Scenario Planning enables your business to identify and factor future uncertainties. Together with performance management, will enable your business to better define top key performance indicators in time of crisis.

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Analyze Your Customer's Rapidly Changing Experience

Identify, access, monitor and respond to customer experience feedback to ensure brand standards are met. Let CCG help you prepare for changes across churn, channel preferences, and customer expectations.

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Supply Chain Contingency Planning

Don’t let breaks in the supply chain slow down your business from performing. Better predict changes to planning logistics, product development, sales forecast, customer demand, and distribution support through analytics solutions.

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Governance for Virtual Workforce

The safety of your company’s data is essential. By implementing proper data governance, you can avoid ungoverned access to systems, protect employee data, and ensure documentation is recorded and leveraged properly.

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Cash Liquidity and Financial Performance

Get out of spreadsheets and launch effective analytics to see insights into revenue, profit, cash performance, and liquidity. Understand where your investment opportunities lie across departments to make high-impact decisions faster.

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Rapid Cloud Migration & Management

CCG’s cloud solutions enable you to build and maintain your cloud environment to rapidly recover from crisis, optimize applications, and reduce costs. Best of all, we’ll help you select the best tools and be a partner through your migration.

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Watch this video with Chris Laping, CIO of Bagel Brands, on how they launched a digital transformation in just 6 weeks that generated a 200% increase from projected sales for a single revenue source. You'll learn how the parent company to beloved brands like Einstein Bros. Bagels, Manhatten Bagels, Noah's Bagels, and Bruegger's Bagels overcame the economic crisis and developed a "minimally loveable product" with the help of CCG.



Connecting people has always been an important aspect of our core values.  Weather in support of our community in staying safe, healthy, fed and sheltered or presenting business offerings from our partnerships that we believe can help – we will present a variety of topics.

;Connect with Experts

Virtual Forum Part 1:
React, Recover, and Reimagine Your Business During Pandemic


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Virtual Forum Part 2:
Ways to Drive Revenue with Your Recovery Plan


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Our experts are available, eager to hear from you and ready to help.

CCG’s industry, business function, and data analytics experts have been helping customers adapt to critical economic scenarios for decades.  Below we will continue to update a variety of mechanisms for you to leverage their experience directly. 


Dan Phelps_ADAPT Page
Dan Phelps
Focus Areas: Leadership & Executive Assistance
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Dan Rodriguez_ADAPT page
Dan Rodriguez
Focus Areas: Performance Management, Product & Strategy, Education
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Brian Rimes_ADAPT page
Brian Rimes 
Focus Areas: Marketplace Connections, Insights & Assistance
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Woody Walker_ADAPT Page
Woody Walker
Focus Areas: Microsoft Technologies, Project Management & Execution
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John Bastone_ADAPT Page
John Bastone
Focus Areas: Marketing Strategy, Customer Experience & Retail
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Natalie Greenwood_ADAPT Page
Natalie Greenwood
Focus Areas: Data Governance, Strategy, & Professional Services
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Jacob Murbach_ADAPT Page
Jacob Murbach
Focus Areas: Cloud Strategy, Migration & Management
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Brian Beesley_ADAPT PAGE
Brian Beesley
Focus Areas: Predictive Modeling & Financial Risk Management
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Doing great things together in a time of crisis requires an ongoing, evolving, conversation about what’s working.  In the section below we will continue to collect input about stories of success and present findings as they occur. 

Based on engagement we will provide a regular series of virtual forums including our experts and customers, industry thought leaders, CCG board members and invite leaders from any organization seeking that collective insight.


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