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Our value is in our people. We are a group of passionate, professional and experienced data and analytics consultants who are solely focused on helping you become innovative, data-driven business leaders.

Fun Fact: I've been with CCG for over 10 years. 

Greg Frasca

Director of Retail

Fun Fact: A bit of CCG history... I have the distinction of being CCG's first employee. I joined way back in 2006. 

Boone Parnell

Director of Core

Fun Fact: I was an extra in the Amazon series 'The Romanoff's ' 

Natalie Greenwood

Client Partner

Fun Fact: I have very high standards for my morning cup of coffee, so I roast my own coffee beans at home. 

Brian Beesley

Director of Data Science

Fun Fact: Vanessa Williams' dad taught me how to play tenor saxophone.

John Bastone

Director of Customer Analytics

Fun Fact: Once considered becoming a bodybuilder, die-hard Michigan football supporter. 

Jacob Murbach

Director of Cloud Management

Fun Fact: Thanks to Strengths Finders, I've become more than a Strengths Advocate, I'm a Strengths Addict! 

Angela Demarest

Director of Employee Experience

Fun Fact: Secretly I'm always thinking about fishing. 

Stephen Locke

Senior Manager - Talent Acquisition

Fun fact: My little brother is 1/4 my age! My wife and I are avid supporters of Big Brothers, Big Sisters. 

Brian Metz

Senior Account Executive

Fun Fact:I love travelling throughout Europe.

Mark Bishop

Senior Account Executive

Fun Fact: I majored in Electronic Music Composition and like to restore classic cars.

James McAuliffe

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect

Fun Fact: I've attended games in all MLB stadiums and 75% of the NBA arenas.

Gerry Martinez

Senior Account Executive

Fun Fact: I love to play tennis.

Greg Anderson

General Manager, Atlanta

Fun Fact: I'm a horror movie buff 

Maryann Werner

Senior Marketing Manager