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We've assembled the below resources to help you launch tools, templates, and advisory solutions to align governance requirements to your industry. Need help getting started?

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Data Governance Framework

DG Framework Updated

Data governance is the management of the usability, integrity, availability, and security of data to empower proper control across the business. Governance is more than a task for the analytics or IT department, but a practice that involves anyone in your company who interacts with data.

Our five proven competencies are the backbone of our Data Governance Framework. This framework evaluates the collaborative policies, classifications, storage, quality and security components of your company's data programs. Implementing a data governance framework will alleviate IT strain and siloed data manipulations to create quality analytics and drive better business decisions.

We believe that there is no "out of the box" solution to organize Data Governance, but rather custom guidance depending on your organization. Explore the three drivers to data governance and evaluate the requirements and standards for your industry with our comprehensive resources below.

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Download our whitepaper - The State of Data Quality - for detailed steps for achieving cleansed and accurate data that yields rich analytics.



Learn the key components of a governed data strategy that evaluates people, processes, technology, and data in our Data Governance Roadmap.


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