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Analytics Accelerators

The need for a strong and universally adopted analytics strategy is not just an opportunity for efficiency, but a critical asset to success. CCG's Analytics Accelerators drive analytic excitement and adoption in just six weeks using consumable packaged programs, including:

  • RapidRoadmap: Define a unified analytics strategy
  • RapidDash: Self-service enablement and training
  • RapidInsight: Expose new insights using data science

In just six weeks, these accelerator programs are guaranteed to produce tangible value that will propel your business forward.

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Strategy (AVR)

Gain a competitive advantage using data and analytics with CCG’s strategic AVR solution. Establish a unified vision of a modern, digital business and define a pragmatic roadmap to get there. We perform a detailed assessment of all aspects of your business:

  • Data: Accuracy, accessibility and expansion
  • Technology: Consolidation and tool selection
  • People: Data literacy and skill set modernization
  • Processes: Governance and Centers of Excellence
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Customer Intelligence

Customer data is the key to survival in this digital-first world where consumers expect personalization and anticipation of their desires in every interaction. CCG's Customer Intelligence Solution helps businesses to get, grow and retain their customer base by answering questions like:

  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • Which customers are least likely to return?
  • Where should I open my next location?
  • Which items are customers buying together?
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Cloud migration has become an inevitability in near every industry, but the path off-prem looks different in every organization. CCG's Platform Modernization program offers a customizeable design and realistic implementation plan, answering questions like:

  • Which workloads should I migrate first?
  • Which cloud services do I need?
  • How do we scale big data?

Start your transformation with an architecture design session, and end with a plan for scaling data operations on a robust, modern platform.

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Our Business Solutions Tailored for Your Unique Industry Needs


Our business solutions for retail organizations work to provide a single view of the customer and the product, so you can make decisions about inventory, marketing, expansion, and so much more. Explore retail resources.


Our business solutions for educational institutions empower you to analyze teacher/student performance, achieve operational efficiency, optimize financial performance, and maintain visibility over large scale programs. Explore education resources.


From market basket analyses, to day parting and meal pacing, our hospitality solutions provide insights that improve the customer experience and allow you to more accurately analyze key revenue indicators. Explore hospitality resources.


When it comes to upgrading a legacy system after a merger or acquisition, or using predictive modeling to stay ahead of SEC and FINRA compliance regulations, prevent money laundering and fight terrorism, our business solutions for financial organizations are specifically designed to meet your growing needs. Explore FIS resources.