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Building the Backbone for Analytics: Business Intelligence at Laser Spine Institute

Learn how Laser Spine Institute is transforming BI in the Healthcare industry

Laser Spine Institute (LSI) is a leader in minimally invasive spine procedures that specialize in helping people get out of pain who have been suffering with back ailments for 7-9 years. As a rapidly growing organization, LSI often faces against competitors who are decades behind in business intelligence (BI) initiatives. With help from CCG, LSI worked to overcome classic BI data challenges and unified their data platforms to a single source of truth. 

Quick Facts

  • Company- Laser Spine Institute
  • Industry - Healthcare
  • Technology - MicroStrategy
  • Speakers-
    • Keith Fulmer- Laser Spine Institute, SVP, Technology & Innovation
    • Alan Campbell- Laser Spine Institute, Chief Financial Officer
    • Mike Phillips- Laser Spine Institute, Senior Solution Architect, BICC
    • Kimberly Esquivel- Laser Spine Institute, VP, Revenue Cycle Management
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