Business Analytics Discovery Workshop

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Learn How Data-Driven Insights Can Transform Your Business

This valuable workshop allows us to help you assess and prioritize the projects that can make the greatest impact on your organization. Our expert consultants will hold a strategic discussion on the value of data integration, business intelligence and advanced analytics, and help you determine what enterprise opportunities best suit your needs.

Discover what’s next for your business, and learn how to accelerate consensus and company-wide adoption of new tools.

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Possible workshop discussion topics:
  • BI Adoption
  • BI competency
  • Operationalizing analytics
  • Implementing agile into BI
  • Data governance
  • 30 minute phone call prior to workshop
  • Room, whiteboard, conferencing capabilities with option to host at CCG
  • Physical presence of analytics stakeholders in workshop
  • Completion of pre-workshop survey by all participants

At CCG, we offer data and analytics solutions that empower you to make critical decisions for your business: decisions that increase revenue, reduce costs, improve mission-critical processes and create lasting cultural change across your organization.